Hey! I'm Wagner Rosa

Discovering the world of front end / design!

Front End / Web Design

From Porto Alegre Brazil, studied Marketing and Communication for 3 years before move to Lisbon and graduate in Advertising and Marketing at IADE on 2016.

Worked with video editing and grapich design but in the last 2 years I fallen in love studying web development. Now I am back living at Porto Alegre, focusing front end web dev and searching great projects or a team to work.

Some cool Projects i've made

A set of sleeplessness, brainstorms, freelance projects and creativity with a cup of coffee.

Sexy Buttons

personal project

Some css sexy buttons done on a Friday rainy night.

Garcia's Filmes

External Link

Jekyll Website in development for a local video maker.

Galactic Header

personal project

An old header. Does not support very well mobile devices.

Infographic Design

personal project

Infographic Graphic Design.

24 years on Earth

personal project

A birthday post. Does not support mobile devices.


External Link personal project

A Pallet Colors made in Ruby on Rails.

Suave Maria

External Link

Static Jekyll website for a brand in Lisbon.

Flappy Vico

External Link personal project

A Funny game made in JS. Does not support mobile devices.


External Link

This company was discontinued on November 2017.

Fora da Rota

External Link

Just a wp site for a travel agency in Lisbon.

Contact and Email Notes

Sometimes I send email notes on creative living, inspirations, personal insights, and observations about the way we work to people who are interested in a better way of thinking. You can sign to receive these notes below! And feel free to contact me in any social media. Ps.: If you do like play games, don't forget to check my steam account!